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Friday Facts #414 - Spoils of Agriculture

Posted by V453000 on 2024-06-07

Hello, last week you've seen how Gleba looks, it's time to get a glimpse of what you can do there. With the idea of being a biological planet full of life, it seems reasonable to expect our engineer is about to harvest some of that. We already have ways of harvesting nature, specifically trees. On Nauvis we either just hit them with an axe enough times, or later our construction robots take care of that friendly forest devastation. These tools aren't quite up to speed to be a part of a mass-production chain in our factories, though... Both of the Nauvis methods are initiated manually so not the best for automation, and the trees don't grow back - so once an area has been harvested, you need to move your operation further.

Friday Facts #409 - Diminishing beacons

Posted by V453000, Earendel on 2024-05-03

Hello, Today we're going to take a look at a feature some of us have dreamt of changing for years now - the beacon transmission. The main purpose of beacons is to allow massively increasing your production in the late game while being more than just a module or a faster machine. To make use of beacons you need to adjust your building layout for them. Beacons succeed in this role, but...

Friday Facts #399 - Trash to Treasure

Posted by Earendel, kovarex, V453000 on 2024-02-23

Hello, It's Earendel back for another electric adventure. You got your first look at Fulgora in FFF-398. (If you haven't read that already please read that first.) Now let's take a look at the new planet's mechanics.

Friday Facts #393 - Putting things on top of other things

Posted by V453000 on 2024-01-12

Hello, I have an irresistible urge to tell you a little story. I'm sure you come here for stories, don't you?

Friday Facts #387 - Swimming in lava

Posted by V453000 on 2023-12-01

Hello, In the last FFF-386 we covered the natural landscape of Vulcanus which mostly showed the visuals, but as you are probably aware we always put gameplay first. Now it's time to find out what kind of greater good you can do to the planet...

Friday Facts #381 - Space Platforms

Posted by V453000 on 2023-10-20

Hello, Several FFFs ago we have shown you what a Space platform can look like (FFF-373), today we would like to explain how they work in a bit more detail.

Friday Facts #378 - Trains on another level

Posted by V453000 on 2023-09-29

Hello! The code refactor of rails presented last week is great, but the motivation for such a task wasn't quite just some shape changes for rails. As explained last week, we can now define any kind of rail shape, and we had some very specific shapes in mind all along...

Friday Facts #377 - New new rails

Posted by V453000 on 2023-09-22

Hello! There are certain areas in Factorio that we haven't really had the courage to change for a long time. One of those areas has been the rail system...

Friday Facts #376 - Research and Technology

Posted by kovarex, V453000, Klonan on 2023-09-15

Hello, This week we will talk about some technology and research related changes coming in 2.0 and the Space Age expansion.

Friday Facts #367 - Expansion news

Posted by Klonan, kovarex, V453000 on 2022-02-04

Hello, long time no talk, we've got some catching up to do... Almost 1 year ago (FFF-365) we said "we don't think that [the expansion] will take less than a year to develop". Well it has been less than a year and it is not finished, so we kept our word on that :). But while it might not be finished, there is a still a lot we have done so far.