Friday Facts #412 - Undo/Redo improvements & Car Latency driving

Posted by StrangePan, Lou on 2024-05-24

Hello, We have another exciting batch of facts for you today.

Friday Facts #411 - All about asteroids

Posted by Fearghall, Earendel on 2024-05-17

Hello! Welcome to Fearghall's Factorio Friday Facts! (FFFF, if you will.) Over the last few months, you have seen asteroids a few times as a background part of some other FFFs, but for all their understated majesty, they were actually quite a complicated trick to pull off! Come with me as I take you on a 3720 to 1 journey through this asteroid field.

Friday Facts #410 - Rocket turret & Target priorities

Posted by Klonan on 2024-05-10

Hello, We know you love to blow things up, and the Space Age expansion will be bringing ever more advanced and powerful ways of bearing arms against your enemies.

Friday Facts #409 - Diminishing beacons

Posted by V453000, Earendel on 2024-05-03

Hello, Today we're going to take a look at a feature some of us have dreamt of changing for years now - the beacon transmission. The main purpose of beacons is to allow massively increasing your production in the late game while being more than just a module or a faster machine. To make use of beacons you need to adjust your building layout for them. Beacons succeed in this role, but...

Friday Facts #408 - Statistics improvements, Linux adventures

Posted by Klonan, raiguard on 2024-04-26

Hello, welcome once again to the world of facts.

Friday Facts #407 - Automating a soundtrack

Posted by Albert, Donion on 2024-04-19

Hello, Today we continue our musical journey.

Friday Facts #406 - Space Age Music

Posted by Albert on 2024-04-12

It was November of 2021 when we started conversations with Petr Wajsar, a very talented Czech music composer, to create the soundtrack for the Factorio expansion. Since then we have been working together on the soundtrack of Factorio Space Age. Conceptualising and finding solutions to our not small amount of problems, and filling the expansion with quality music, specially designed for the best possible Factorio experience. Petr is a very special musician, because besides being a proven master of electronic music, his education and experience in the conservatory makes him capable of composing music using the full range of a classic orchestra. His modern style of going to more experimental solutions, makes him very flexible at creating the score of the Factorio Space Age expansion.

Friday Facts #405 - Whole belt reader, New logistics GUI

Posted by Klonan on 2024-04-05

Hello, Today we have quite a range of new features and improvements coming in 2.0.

Friday Facts #404 - Frustration not found

Posted by Klonan on 2024-03-29

Hello, Today we have another dose of anti-frustration improvements for you.

Friday Facts #403 - Train stops 2.0

Posted by Klonan on 2024-03-22

Hello, When playing with trains, you tend to spend a lot of time building train stops. In my latest playtesting, I noticed a few annoyances and pain points, which we will go in to today, along with some other improvements for 2.0.