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Friday Facts #390 - Noise expressions 2.0

Posted by Earendel, Genhis on 2023-12-22

Hello, We've had a lot of requests to talk about map generation. It's difficult to talk about map generation without first explaining noise expressions. From time to time we need to talk about noise expressions anyway because they are a critical part of the game, but I don't think we've ever done a good job of explaining what they actually are at a high level. We will a closer look at planet mapgen again in the future, but for now this will introduce the basic concepts and act as a primer for later.

Friday Facts #368 - Steam deck, Ghost bugs, Docs improvements

Posted by Twinsen, Genhis, Therenas on 2022-02-25

Hello, Today is actually the 6 year anniversary of Factorio launching on Steam, and just recently too we passed 3 million total sales (and we're even past 3.1 million at this point), so it is quite a milestone. It is great for us that the game is still selling consistently year on year, even though we never take part in sales or bundles.