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Friday Facts #288 - New remnants, More bugs

Posted by Wheybags, Rseding, Dom, Albert on 2019-03-29

I'm sorry to say that we have removed the RTL language translations (Hebrew and Arabic) in 0.17.20. Until this point we've had a half implementation of RTL languages, where the text is simply flipped when we download it from Crowdin. This 'works' for a decent proportion of things, but not nearly 100%. In order to attain the level of...

Friday Facts #274 - New fluid system 2

Posted by Dominik, Klonan, kovarex on 2018-12-21

Hi Factorians, Here is Dominik, with an update on the fluids. This time it is pretty much finished so I can tell you facts instead of just speculations. You will find how the new algorithm will work and some new handy usability features. In FFF-260 I wrote about how it all started, why we are doing it and what the plan is. There was...

Friday Facts #260 - New fluid system

Posted by Dominik on 2018-09-14

Hi Factorians, This is Dominik, and my first FFF post ever! I will use this opportunity to talk to you about the exciting subject of pipes. Yeah, I know, right? Spring came and with it Twinsen, saying "Pipes suck. Two people already tried to fix it and failed, who wants to be next?", and I’m like "Hey, that’s just pipes, you just make a...